Unable to add new beneficiary


I’m using a vanilla Android 8.1.0 device (Google Pixel) and recently installed, setup and verified my Revolut account.

Unfortunately after one day I’ve already encountered what I recognise as a severe bug, in that it hinders the ability to add a beneficiary. I’ve already (before the issue arose) managed to add two beneficiaries to my account but for obvious reasons require the ability to add more.

Has anyone else encountered this issue before and if you have did you find a resolve?


Can it be OS update related?
Please try to log out then log in again.


I’m not sure what was causing it but looking at my device logs it started just after an update to the app itself.

In the end I resulted to uninstalling Revolut, rebooting my device and installing once again. Since doing this I’ve once again been able to add beneficiaries.


I’m having the same issues, just can’t add new beneficiary, and my money is stuck now…


have you tried what @hemiipatu have done?