Unable to add my Revolut card to apps


Hi team, i am yet to receive the physical card but can view ita image in my Revolut app. The support team is saying that the card is already active and i can start using it. But i am unable to add it as a payment mode to any of the orher apps like uber, taxi, etc. it says that the financial institution has rejected the request.

Can somebody pls confirm the way forward so that i can start using my card? Or is it that i can start using my card facilities only once i receive the physical card?




I had the same thing with Uber. You have to get your card and do a chip and pin transaction to enable it.


I used the card with Uber, and my card didn’t arrived yet…

Which address did you used for Uber?


Ohh…is it? Thanks for the information :smiley:


So for me it worked. That was 6.71km :laughing:

The card is still on the way. Worked also on Apple UK, Spotify.

Doesn’t work on Grab tho… seems they mandatory require 3D secure which :r: doesn’t offer


UK, E145AB :r:'s building


I have :romania: Uber account with my Romanian Number and it takes every card except Maestro Card, hence me using :r: as an intermediary.

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