Unable to add my debit card

I have been fobbed off by support for weeks now. The app will not allow me to add my debit card so I can top up from it.

The “error” is an address mismatch but I am using the correct address. I have already imputed photos of me with my ID card and uploaded my bank statement showing that the address is correct.

Support has been no help at all and I am about to give up

Hello @Spg,

Delete and readd the card from the top up section and make sure that the billing address of your card is correct.

Hello Andreas,
I can’t delete the card because the system doesn’t allow me to add it in the first place.

This is because of an “address mismatch” even though the address is correct. If you look at the support history you will see that I have already sent a bank statement showing that the address is correct.

Best regards,
Simon Gould

OK so there’s not card in the top up section?

Hello Andreas,

It seems that I can’t use my debit card because the address of my sterling account is a uk one and my mobile phone number is German.

It would be nice if this could be fixed but for now I have solved the problem with a bank transfer.

Best regards,

Are you able to reach out our support team so we can investigate this?

I have a new debit card and since then I can’t top up my Revolut account with money (by card payment). When I try to add money - using my debit card - it gives me the error message below:
Revolut.AddNewCardError error 0.

Could you please help me to solve this issue?
Thank you very much in advance.