Unable to add (debit) card to Android app


After entering card and address details. I get to “your top-up is being processed you may have to enter your 3D password” stage, the screen then reverts back to the “top up by card” page with all details deleted, and a message saying “something went wrong, try again later”. I’ve waited a few hours, deleted and reinstalled the app, but to no avail. I’m also unable to leave a message on the in-app offline chat.
This is my first experience with Revolut after signing up, and it is not a promising one. I’m trying to get a physical revolut card within the next 9 days.


I had to activate the 3D secure service on my debit card in order to use it to top up my card. Have you activated that service?


As I can see you have managed to top up. Your top-up has been declined by our Risk Management department.

Because there was an address mismatch between the address on your Revolut account and the AVS address the bank has for your account.



Thanks for getting back to me, I realised the address mix up earlier and
was able to top up. I’m in the process of moving back home (to then go
travelling), hence the address confusion. Can you confirm the card has
still been issued?



Which card are you referring to? If you prefer contact me via a direct message.


I have my bank account set to change to my home address (31 Stoneypath) on
the 6th April. This is the address I will be at when the card is delivered
i.e. in 9 days time.
Can you please deliver to this address
Or I can change my bank address to today’s date

Please advise


Paul as this in not private, could you please send me a direct message so we can chat directly?


You’ll have to initiate the private message, as I don’t know how to. I was able to top up, an I’ve ordered a card, so I don’t think there is an issue anymore,



Hi Andreas, I just bought a phone in order to use revolut (Galaxy J5 2016) but the 3D password never uploads and so I cannot top up or order my card…However when I go back to the menu one of my top up has been approved.
I can see other people having the 3D passwords issue, could you help me there?


Hello @Arthur17,

Let get in touch so I can take a closer look into your account.


Andreas K.


Hello Andreas,

What is the nest way to get in touch?
Via mail?




Hello Andreas,
I will go on holidays in 10 days and would love to sort this quickly to use my card over there. How can we get in touch?