Unable to activate local EUR account


Same error for GBP and probably any other currency as well.

Edit: ‘pooled’ account currencies seems to be working fine. tested for USD and CAD.


Are you on rev. at least 4.21?


version 4.22.0 installed yesterday, new account.


Are you able to check it on another phone or computer (installing Android emulator such as Bluestacks)?


tested on a second phone, same error.


So I suggest reinstalling the app.
If won’t help- contact via info support or Twitter.


Reinstalling the app won’t help. How do I get support on Twitter?


Just send them message- @revolutapp


This is what I’m getting on twitter:


So write them on their wall on Twitter that you want to contact them. It has worked in my case :wink:


Sorry, not familiar with the lingo. Can you be more specific? How do I do that?


Just tweet @revolutapp – it is public at first.


Sorry for that. As @Laurenz_L has written- I mean just create the tweet with their name in it (@revolutapp)


Did that, thank you. No response.


Probably they finished their shift. They’ll answer probably tomorrow in the morning.
So why don’t you give them the chance writing them via in-app chat? :wink:


There is a queue of people. You can see that they usually are very active on Twitter, maybe Facebook, too. Rome wasn’t built in a day, mate. :slight_smile:


It worked!
Yesterday night my account was created.


No response after 17 hours but I suppose it took longer than that to build Rome :slight_smile:


Ok, I’ll tag @AndreasK the Almighty for you. He’ll help you when he’s on his shift. :wink:


Hi there. Apologies for any inconvenience caused. Unfortunately, we’re facing a tech issue however, our team i working on a fix. I will keep you posted.

Unable to activate EUR account
Is Revolut come with account number and sort code in UK?