Unable to activate EUR account


Hi all,

I’ve been a Revolut member since the 24th May '18 and I’ve found Revolut to be great. However, I’m being let down by an already known bug: I’ve been trying to activate my local EUR account - I’m trying to get some cash into my account via a SEPA transfer - but I cannot seem to activate my account.

Whenever I press the pink activate button, nothing happens. I really would appreciate if an Revolut team member could activate my EUR account, as I will be needing the account urgently later on tomorrow.



I have the same problem.


Have you told them that via in-app chat? (Or Twitter)


Yeah, about that: I’ve tried to contact the support team via the in-app chat, but I’ve heard absolutely nothing from them for nearly 24+ hours - not even an agent has responded to me yet to actually start the chat.


people has reported the same problem activating individual UK accounts. I guess it’s a problem with the partner revolut uses for both services, the infamous “prepaid solutions”.

@AndreasK @rafael_revolut @JessicaZ, can you please enlighten us about the issue?

7 days later still working on a fix?


Hi there. This should be fixed in the next release. Really sorry for the hustle!


hi, i have the same problem, i tape on activate and there is nothings…what to do?
I tried to activate a personal EUR iban…


Can you please delete and reinstall the app?


perfect! now it’s works