Unable to access to the "Show Pin" section


Hi guys,

i Just received my Revolut card.

  • Account confirmed
  • Card activated
  • Parameters Ok

But i cannot access to the “Cards” > “Show Pin” section. Everytime i click on it, i put my password and the application close unexpectedly.
So i tried to reboot my phone … it doesn’t works.

My phone is a Google Nexus 6 (Motorola) with Android 7.0 up to date.
The Revolut app is the last version, i tried to uninstall and install again, nothing changed.

I am pretty stuck with my card…

Anybody can help me please ? ^^

Thanks in advance.



Hi! Maybe try logging out and back in? I’m not sure… You should contact support! :slight_smile: They’re usually the quickest to answer on Twitter (@RevolutApp) but you can also reach them on Facebook: https://facebook.com/revolutapp or in-app


Thank you c0stin for your answer.

i tried to logging out and backin, it doestn’t change anything :s.

i’ll contact them directly in Facebook and/or Twitter.

Thank you for your help :wink: