Unable to access to the app



I got the message saying “We are looking into your account now and will get back to you shortly”, and I can’t get access to my app.


I think there is nothing else to do for you as what the message says… Be patient and wait until they get back to you. Can you say what happened beforehand ? Did you overdraw the account or had to verify yourself ?

If it keeps on blocking the account and you want to send a PM to the :r: team, you could send a message to @AndreasK in order to figure that out.

@AndreasK I hope it’s not bothering you that I link you in my posts for receiving some PM’s :wink:



I tried to top up my revolut card and then it just happened. There is no way for me to use the in-app chat service. I am flying to Denmark in a few hours so I hope it gets sorted out soon.


Alright, thanks for sharing. I am sure it will be resolved soon ! If not Andreas will get in touch with you for sure.


This is what happened to me so if you do find an answer please let me know.


Hi @Cty,

Seems that your account is temporary locked for security reasons, no need to worry. I’ll send you a direct message to sort this out.


Andreas K