Unable to access app

I have the same problem! Someone please help me. I restored my iphone and i cant access the app. Tried re-installing didnt work. Could not get verification for new code

I created a twitter account and got a response in less than 30 mins. This community is for us to be able to help each other.

I changed phone and I have the same problem here! Can’t access my account, it keeps asking me the email and tells me it exists already. And if I put another email it also tells me the account exists already. And on the app I have no other choice than creating a new account! Have you solved it? @ivanorotondo

I’ve tried to log into my account. However, after I log in I can see a spinner spinning forever… so I cleared application cache and I’ve tried to log in again. Now it tells me I need to confirm my login by e-mail. However, the email contains information I need to confirm my login within the app - I can’t access anymore. How can I confirm my login by email? How can I disconnect my device from the account to be able to bind it again?

I am unable to access my account from the app even though it sends me a code. Could I please get some assistance??

This is a joke. I’m going to close the account. There’s absolutely no way to get any help for this. If you break your app you’re grounded.

I have the same problem. I tried to log in and got a permanent waiting screen. When I tried a different phone it told me my passcode was wrong so I tried to reset it and it said I could change it but then failed to do so and has now locked my account entirely. Since I can’t access the app, I can’t chat for help.
So what am I meant to do other than close my account if I can find out how to!

Hi! Have you tried to follow these instructions? https://www.revolut.com/help/profile-plan/profile-settings/my-phone-has-been-lost-or-stolen There is also a video that explains how to do so, you should be able to get in touch with assistanca via chat. Hope it works for you!

Hi Patry, I tried to check on the steps that you mention, but once you are in the app you don’t have many options to click on, so it is of no help at all.
Hi, could you or anyone else from support, please help me access the mobile app? I also uploaded the app once more and when I was following the steps to update the number to the new one, it just got stuck and after that, nothing really works. I put the correct pin, it’s loagind for ages and not signing me in, tried many times. Please, someone help! :slight_smile:

Hi! If you don’t manage to acces the assistance via chat, you can contact Revolut via Twitter, they solved my problem in few minutes! @RevolutApp