Unable to access app

had same issue for 2 days, but today i got a sms and was able to login.

impossible to connect to the application.
what should I do?

Hello !

I have the same problem. I am unable to acces my account - app says that my phone number or passcode is incorrect which is not possible as I am sure they are both correct. There is no links to help section from the app. Can anyone from Revolut team help me out with my account please ?? Thank You !

No access to the app too

Hi, I have this problem too. How could I fix it ? No agent is available in the app. Rita only sends the introduction message then doesn’t work.
I only would like to access my account.

Thanks in advance

Hello, I have the same problem as you. Could you tell me if you succeeded how did you do that ? I’m losing my mind, waiting for an agent. At the beginning someone answered me telling me “We wil transfer this issue to a special work team and then we will contact you as soon as possible”. But they didn’t write me anything :frowning:
Thank you in advance for your answer,
Best regards

My too 5 week not working account revolut

Hi since a few days ago Revolut started sending me email to authenticate when doing a transaction in the app, but the “Authenticate” button leads to a blank page in the app.
I have tried clearing the cache, and eventually reinstalling the app. Now the same happens only I have no access to my account.
Please advise.

Hi Vaclav, did someone help you solving your problem? I have exactly the same issue with this endless loop trying to make it work. This is driving me nuts! If your problem was solved, may I ask you how you managed? Thank you in advance!

Yes, actually, I was unable to contact the support desk directly from my phone, and at the end I used my wife’s phone to reach them. If you know somebody else with Revolut who agrees with using their account for the chat, it’s probably the easiest way. We went through the whole loop step by step and I was sending pictures of my phone’s screens. At the end, I managed to re-login. It seemed that at least the initial problem was that I was using the wrong from my two phone numbers (I have a dual SIM phone). But I don’t know what they were doing on their side - maybe they unlocked something - they refused to explain in detail due to GDPR as I was contacting them from someone else’s phone…

Having the same issue - the app requests ‘previous phone number’ then requests current phone number for verification code to be sent to. No verification code has been received. Can anybody please advise ?

same issue not allowed to enter the app and customer care is inexistant

Logged out of app then when I try to log back it I put in my phone number, I get a 6 digit code then I input my pass code, then asks do I want to use fingerprint or not now, I select not now and the next screen wants me to select a country of residence but I select the existing user option and a pop up asks do I really want to quit, I select yes and it starts over again, repeating from where I enter my phone no.What is going on??

Hi all,

I have had a revolut card for some times now but recently I got log out of my app. Therefore I tried login again by putting my phone number to receive my verification code by email. However, my verification never arrived. I tried whitelisting and checked my spam folder with the correct email address.

Anyone else experiencing this? I have no other way to contact revolut support since it requires to login first…

Hi. Same here.
Wanted to loggin to my account using pass but it shows that there was a problem. Then wanted to change password using email or phone number, but there also problems:

  1. Using email - no emails arive to my mail
  2. After writing code from phone call, they say that “we are sorry, but there was a problem”.

Hello I have the exact same problem

i have the same pb
cant acces to my account
no mail no code by phone

I cannot also sign in to the app it keeps on asking me to make a new account with my phone number and the customer support asks me to use the in app service which I cannot do as I am not able to sign in

I have almost the same issue, I changed my phone, and I need to login once again, somehow my password doesn’t work anymore and then I try reseting it via e-mail or telephone number, authentication doesn’t work. It shows me: we’re sorry, something has gone wrong. Please try later. Can someone help me??!


I have the same issue and the live agent is pending since 6 days. I wonder why now one is replying and quite annoyed and especially that many complaints on this blog and not one agent has replied to any of the complaints. Pls if anyone can help would be greatly appreciated.