Unable to access app

Hi Everyone, am currently experiencing a similar issue.

After updating the app, I tried to log in to update my ID. Originally it asked me to enter my phone number, and then ‘create passcode’ which was strange because I already had a passcode. It was then asking me to enter a verification code I was sent, which when entered took me right back to the first page of ‘enter phone number’, looping me back through the whole process again.

Same story on my iPad. Have uninstalled and redownloaded the app hoping this will help. Now it asks me to ‘enter phone number’, then ‘create a passcode’ and comes up with ‘something went wrong, please try again later’ message. It has been several days now with no change.

Cannot contact support because I can’t access the app. No online log in either, nor customer service support accessible via phone.

Has anyone found a solution?

I’m having the exact same problem. Has anyone been able to help?

My friend has the same problem. Is there anyone here that might help? Please

any fix for this yet?

Hi everyone,
I am a Premium user. I think I have similar issues as @GBlakie. What happened? A couple of days ago, I got a notification that a new account in the local currency was created for me. It was however not visible in the app for 2 days so I asked about that in the in-app chat. The operator advised me to log out and log in again.

However, I was unable to log back in. I always end up in an infinite loop. OK, now I uninstalled Revolut, installed again, and describe here exactly what I am doing.

  1. Install Revolut and open it.
  2. I have to tap through introductory screens. The only button there is Open free account. I don’t want a new account so don’t tap it. So I just tap through all those intro screens, pretty annoying.
  3. After a while a screen Mobile number appears. I insert my phone number I use for Revolut. There is a button Continue, and a link Lost access to your number. The latter is not my case so I hit Continue.
  4. Now 6-digit passcode screen appears, an sms is received in a few seconds and automatically filled in. I automatically get to the next screen…
  5. … which is Create passcode. I enter the one I always used recently, and confirm.
  6. Next is Fingerprint screen which says Use fingerprint to log into your Revolut account instead of the passcode. I’m scared to do this right now, so I hit Not now.
  7. Next is Country where I select my one. But here it’s getting suspicious again. Down below is either Sign up button, or Existing user? link. I don’t wanna sign up again! So tap Existing user?.
  8. Haha, here we go again! A popup dialog appears stating You need to complete these steps to create your account. All the progress will be lost, do you really want to quit?
  9. I click Return and the dialog disappears.
  10. OK, but I am an existing user, so I hit Existing user? and the weird dialog appears again. So this time I tap Quit.
  11. I am back at the beginning. No obvious way forward. No option to chat with support. I can do nothing else then insert my number again and Continue.
  12. I try again. I insert my number and hit Continue. 6-digit code is filled in automatically again.
  13. Enter passcode screen. I enter it.
  14. Fingerprint screen. I tap Not now.
  15. Country screen with Sign up button. I select my country and tap Existing user?.
  16. You need to complete these steps to create your account. I don’t want a new account so tap Quit.
  17. Back in Mobile number screen. What could I do differently to at least get to the in-app chat? Maybe ignore the 6-digit passcode. I was playing with that before and found out that on my particular version of Android, I was not really able to disable the verification SMS autofill. The only way to do it is to disable my SIM for a while. Let’s do that. SIM disabled. So I hit Continue in the Mobile number screen.
  18. 6-digit code screen. Obviously, now I get no verification SMS. Waiting until 1 minute timeout. I tap No verification code received?
  19. A confusing dialog pops up, having just two options: SMS, Phone call from us. Still no access to in-app chat! I enable my SIM again, wait another minute, and hit Phone call from us, hoping I get some help. I think this behavior is new and buggy; if I recollect well the last time I needed to solve similar issue (my phone was stolen), I could get to the chat here.
  20. No call yet. Enter passcode appears. Should I enter it, or try Forgot your passcode? I haven’t tried the latter yet, so I hit Forgot your passcode?
  21. 6-digit code screen. Autofilled code without touching anything.
  22. Now a new screen appears Please sign up again We couldn’t recover your account. Please sign up again. I can only tap Sign up. And I’m back at the beginning. Bummer.

This is a short version. I tried it with various minor alterations many times. But the result is all time the same.

What I find particularly frustrating is that I have no access to in-app chat at any of these steps! I am in an infinite loop and nobody can help me.

I am getting a bit nervous as I have quite some money there which I will need soon. So I will now send this to feedback@revolut.com as well. I will also try to create a new account with a different phone number and email address in order to be able to chat with somebody from Revolut hopefully. I will post here updates.

Best, Vaclav

Follow-up: Eventually, I used my wife’s phone to reach the support desk. After all I managed to re-login. It seems I was using the wrong from my two phone numbers. My bad, but I hope Revolut will improve user experience in such situations. Ability to chat with the support desk directly from my phone would be appreciated.

Note also I sent the email to feedback@revolut.com. In the automatic reply, they asked me to either use chat, or “if you are unable to reach us via in-app chat, please reply to this email and include the phone number you use with Revolut.” I didn’t do it since the problem got resolved in meantime, but it might be an option for somebody who can’t use somebody else’s account to reach the support desk.

Hi @vaclav2

Thanks for tagging me. Seems you’re definitely experiencing a similar issue.

I have been in contact with feedback@revolut.com who have told me I need to log in via a new device to access the in-app support. The problem is I am already in on all my device and all are experiencing these issues. As I don’t currently have money in my revolut account I am not going to go to lengths to borrow friends/family devices to solve this. I was quite shocked that they couldn’t put me in contact with anyone who could look into the issue for me.

Consecutive responses from the feedback team have been incredibly slow as they acknowledge the don’t man that email account that often, and overall very unhelpful. I’ve come to the conclusion that Revolut is not the banking organisation I’d like to continue with as a customer and have asked for them to close my account, to which they responded please come to the app to close you’re account.

I’d suggest perhaps the complaints email might put you in contact with someone more helpful, or maybe the other device log in will work for you.

I hope you have better luck than me!

Hi @GBlakie,
Thanks for sharing. As in the follow-up above (which was already in approval process while you were typing), I managed to get back to my account. But I agree it can be painful.

The problem is the in-app chat usually resolves everything (they also asked me to share screenshots which probably helped as well) but if you cannot get there, hard time begins.

I wish you find solution soon. If you have any chance to use e.g. a friend’s phone to chat with the support, it’s definitely the easiest option. I don’t have experience with social network channels as I don’t use them.


Is this what you are seeing
Is anyone seeing this


Hello, plaese can you hellp me? i cant log in to my revolut app cos i am not sure what pin i choose half year ago, if i pres option “i forgot my pin” and verify email then always write “somthing got wrong” and thats it… thx


after the lates update of APP I cannot go through the first configuration.
I my case it is a selfie (by the way: Why do you need selfie?!?!?!)

Effect? I cannot access the app.


Hello ; same here. I try to log in to the revolut app. I am asked to enter my phone number, which i do. I receive a 6 digit code by SMS, i am asked to enter the pin code but the entry format only has 5 digits… So i click on “Forgot code”, I receive another one, which I enter this time in a 6 digit code format. But it says the code is wrong.
I tried a dozen times…
What is wrong?
Thank you

Hi, I’m having similar issues. I was prompted to key in my registered phone number and was told that a verification code will be sent to my email however, those emails never arrived in my spam folder or inbox. There is no way to contact tech support without being able to log in to my account.

having the same problem here, can revolut please update us on the problem?

Hi team - I can’t access the app. Neither with the new authentication code you have texted me nor with my 4 digit code. The app always says that my phone numer or authentication code is not correct. I am reaching out here, as there is no other way to contact you. I have submitted my real phone number in my account which corresponds to the Revolut account (I am premium user). Please contact me somehow directly so we can sort this out. Many thanks

Hi teams, I can you send me a email, ir SMS to my phone Numbers ?

I can’t access the app because it says I need to do e-mail verification and the e-mail never arrives. I have already tried resending the e-mail multiple times during the past couple of days.


I haven’t had access to the application for a week now because I changed my phone number and address.

Unfortunately, I can’t contact you on TWITTER; you don’t accept messages and on Facebook, you send me back to TWITTER which is completely STUPID.

When I click on “lost access to your number” the application asks me for my old phone number and code, then the application says "Please restart the application and click on “Sign up to complete your Revolut profile” which is stupid since I don’t have access to my old phone number I won’t be able to receive a verification code!
I have been registered on revolut since the creation, I find it unacceptable that we can’t contact you at least by email, I have to register on the community forum and post my message everywhere because I can’t create a thread or send private messages either.

I too cannot access the app. The email verification arrives but the system cannot access the phone camera to send a selfie and ID.