Unable to access app


I tried to open the app. It takes me to a page asking me to input my phone number. I do this, it then asks for my PIN, which I do. It then wants to send me a onetime code number, but this number does not work - just says something is wrong try again later. I have not changed my number or phone. Support chat is non-responsive… Why is it doing this and how do I get in?


Just to add to this, the customer support phone number does not answer (just get failed call after it rings a few times), and this site was also inaccessible for a time. I have tried again to access the app - this time I get to the input phone number page and I now get the “something is wrong pop up” when I enter the phone number - I do not even get to the PIN page now. I cannot access in-app support, cannot get through to the number and am getting nothing here. How do I get this sorted out?? This is not great customer support…


I have tried again - this time I get the “there is something wrong” message when I input the phone number - do not even get to PIN page. I tried calling the customer support number - it just cuts off after a few rings (tried from both mobile and landline). I cannot access the in-app support (cannot get into app). HELP!


I got the same problem and furthermore some money transfers from card to revolut app abort ! HELP


Same issue here - I tried re-download the app but after entering my mobile number it keeps saying “We’re sorry, something has gone wrong. Please try later.” I can’t get into my app…


+1 Same issue, no topup and with reinstall not able to login


Same here…error message before and after reinstallation


Same here! It just doesn’t work and I can’t pay with it either!


+1 After reinstall no transaction history visible and error messages now and than in app. After 2nd reinstall unable to login - (“We’re sorry, something has gone wrong. Please try later.”)


Same here. Payment doesn’t work either…


Same issues. Transaction was declined this morning however it still showed as coming out of my revolut so i tried logging out and back in to see if this fixed the issues. Now I cannot log in. Just keeps telling me to try again later.


I spoke with support agent in the chat and he said they are experiencing a connection error related to their payment processor’s system.
They are working on it and they hope that it will be resolved shortly


started working for me just now


The app is not working again. Very disappointed :frowning:


Same issue “We’re sorry, something has gone wrong. Please try later.” I am having this problem one month now. Trying to contact revolut and the only number I found was the canceling card number. Is there any other number that we can contact the revolut support?


Same problem… still.

Is AndreasK around? He’s helped with things like this in the past…


I have the same problem.


I cannot login. My passcode won’t work. When I press the forgot passcode I’m then asked to enter the last four digits of a card I do not have!. There is no other options I can take. I have asked for help on the help section of my app, but have received none at the moment! Please someone contact me so I can view my account.


I have the same problem
Please need help asap



I have the same issues…

When I open the app, instead of my account information it asks for my phone number, then tells me to create a PIN. Then I get a message, something has gone wrong, please try later.

Could I get an update on the issue from Revolut about their timescale for resolving this issue and maybe a little help to fix it please :slight_smile: