Unable to access account

Hi there,
I had to reinstall the revolut App in my mobile number and when I try open it I can only configure a new user, not access my previous configuration.
Can you please help?

i have been under verification from revolut and no progress has been made in over 5 months, any advice on what i should do ?

Thank you

Hi there,

I also have hard time login in the app after reinstallation. The app only offer me to register…

I really need to access because i have to follow a process in app to provide documents and have been advise to go to the app chat to find recommendations there. .
Can someone kindly advise. Thanks!

Hi everyone, I created my Revolut account when I was in Australia with my previous australian phone number. I came back to France a year ago and I am now trying to reconnect to Revolut but I don’t have access to my previous phone and I don’t remember the 4-digits password (it was more than 2 years ago). Is there any forgotten password option ?

I can’t access my account with my phone number I don’t receive any code when I enter my phone number.
Could you please help me?
Many thanks

I got a new work phone. Installed a revolut from the backup. Entered the same phone number and now getting the following error! Image 64

Also was logged-out from my old phone and can’t log in to the account from it too.

Any advice how to log in the application?

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I have the same problem. Impossible to access to my account with my phone !!! Could you help me ?
Thank you

Please check my post just above yours. Since this is a user community there is no Revolut support here.


I’m a French traveller that got stucked by the COVID crisis in Patagonia and got the following problem :

My phone died, and while I’m waiting my new one, I cannot send to myself money using Revolut or Western Union transfer from my Revolut Bank account.

I tried to access to my account through a friend’s phone, installing the most updated version of the app and it still doesn’t work (doesn’t let me take a selfie, no button or automatic redirection to the selfie camera.

My friends phone is a Motorola G8.

Let me know which option I have to access urgently to my account,

In advance thank you folks for your help :slight_smile:

How can i send u a message? I don t find any option

anon33247966 (AndreasK) is a former staff member of Revolut that isn’t active anymore in this community, that is why his account is anonymised (“anon”).


I have had an account for some time however it has been inactive and so I have forgotten my passcode.

When I select the option for a forgotten code it transfers me to “Take a selfie” page, however, it just stays on this page and there is no option to take a picture my only option is to close the app or return to the previous page.

I have reinstalled the app.
I have ensured that the app has permission to access my camera in the phones app settings.


Check my post just above yours. This is a user community, no Revolut support channel.

Hola tengo ese mismo problema no puedo acceder a mi cuenta desde hace una semana, me podrían ayudar con eso por favor

Yo no puedo entrar la aplicación hace una semana, me dicen que están verificando nuevamente mi identificación, que puedo hacer en ese caso.

Me podrían ayudar.


No hablo español y no trabajo para Revolut. Póngase en contacto con Revolut a través de un canal de soporte: Facebook, Twitter, correo electrónico.

I tried to sign up two years ago but i left it after verifying. Two years later it’s still not verified and after logging in on the app it says to wait for verification. If i try log on with PC it says incorrect pin.

Hello, I am trying to set up a resolut account. It is coming up with the exception that I have an account under a different number. I don’t remember setting this up can you help me please? Many thanks