Unable to access account


I have been using for OVER A YEAR. Today the app says Welcome to Revolut and is prompting me as if I am setting up a new account. Phone has not changed. I have no access to account. Please advise.



What happens if you try logging in with the phone number you used to set up your account?


If I enter my phone number it prompts for my pin and then sends me a six digit activation code by SMS text and when I enter that it just sits there…


Are you using the latest version of the app?


I updated app, fixed. Thanks.


I have exactly the same problem as the this user. I deleted the ap and reinstalled it, putting in all my details again hoping that it would recognise me. It didn’t and has now set me up a new account with no money in.

Can anyone help please?


I have a similar problem. The app suddenly started asking me to login then when I enter my phone number it sends me a six digit activation code by SMS text and when I enter that i keep getting an error message. Ive updated to the latest version and it does the same albeit with a different user interface. Please help.


Hope your well I am also can’t access my account it says for security reasons my account is blocked please help me I need my account for my salary to transfer to my account I can’t even message support team it doesn’t allow me


Hi there.

If you need help accessing your account you can contact me via private message.


I am having a very annoying error which is basically when install the app and I reach the password set up when I choose one and then the app needs to go to the next screen but instead it comes with a error message that says “something went wrong…pls try again but never works”. i haved cleaned data cache reinstalled nothing works plss helpp.


Where are you based?


im based in london my phone is a samsung s7 what i have to do?


OK could you please send me a direct message?


I have an similar issue, how can I write you a private message?


Of course! Go for it :slight_smile:


I will delete this message as it’s a public one :slight_smile:


Hi I have similar issue. I’ve moved to a new phone and when I log into my account there is no money in it and no card. When I tried to link my card it says that this card can’t be linked.


Hi there. Sounds like you have created two accounts. Please contact our in-app support team so that we can help.