Unable to access account

I have been using for OVER A YEAR. Today the app says Welcome to Revolut and is prompting me as if I am setting up a new account. Phone has not changed. I have no access to account. Please advise.


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What happens if you try logging in with the phone number you used to set up your account?

If I enter my phone number it prompts for my pin and then sends me a six digit activation code by SMS text and when I enter that it just sits there…

Are you using the latest version of the app?

I updated app, fixed. Thanks.

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I have exactly the same problem as the this user. I deleted the ap and reinstalled it, putting in all my details again hoping that it would recognise me. It didn’t and has now set me up a new account with no money in.

Can anyone help please?

I have a similar problem. The app suddenly started asking me to login then when I enter my phone number it sends me a six digit activation code by SMS text and when I enter that i keep getting an error message. Ive updated to the latest version and it does the same albeit with a different user interface. Please help.

Hope your well I am also can’t access my account it says for security reasons my account is blocked please help me I need my account for my salary to transfer to my account I can’t even message support team it doesn’t allow me

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Hi there.

If you need help accessing your account you can contact me via private message.

I am having a very annoying error which is basically when install the app and I reach the password set up when I choose one and then the app needs to go to the next screen but instead it comes with a error message that says “something went wrong…pls try again but never works”. i haved cleaned data cache reinstalled nothing works plss helpp.

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Where are you based?

im based in london my phone is a samsung s7 what i have to do?

OK could you please send me a direct message?

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I have an similar issue, how can I write you a private message?

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Of course! Go for it :slight_smile:

I will delete this message as it’s a public one :slight_smile:

Hi I have similar issue. I’ve moved to a new phone and when I log into my account there is no money in it and no card. When I tried to link my card it says that this card can’t be linked.

Hi there. Sounds like you have created two accounts. Please contact our in-app support team so that we can help.

Hi Andreas, I haven’t been able to access my account since sept or Oct last year I transferred £500 to my account but did it to my old account number before they all got changed and have had no resolution since. I all but gave up on it but found this platform to hopefully get a resolution🙏🏼

I just tried to log in to my account but was asked to type in again my number and all my details in the app, followed by the message that there is already an account existing with my details. When I choose “yes, I do have an account”, then I´m sent to the same landing page again and the game starts from the beginning. When choosing that I don´t have access to my old number anymore (which is the only alternative) I get the message that “Phone and/or passcode are incorrect”, when trying again it says “User Terminated”. Which comes by quite a lot of surprise, because everything was perfect until this morning and being the Head of AML at another payment institution, makes me even more wondering about the “termination”, especially without giving a reason. Not able to contact support, as no access to the app. What can I do now?