UK revolut Card not working US Microsoft Store /Hulu


I have tried to use my UK (while physically based in the US) based Revolut card to buy a gift card but it look like the card keeps getting decided at it not a US issued card ? Does anyone have any suggestion on how to get around this ?

Hey @uk_revolut :slight_smile:

Please check this:

If you’re having trouble submitting your payment information, a few things could be wrong: the credit or debit card is not issued by a U.S.-based bank or financial institution.

As you mentioned, foreign cards are rejected. Is PayPal an accepted payment method in this case? This could be a workaround.

Paypal is not always a workaround as they can set to accept PayPal from certain countries only (e.g. Spotify doesn’t accept Romanian Paypal, neither cards)

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I use for Hulu gift cards.
Works like a charm. Checkout with Paypal.

Weirdly enough, my regular debit card from my regular bank (European country - non US) works like a charm. :thinking: