UK Pounds

Hello people. I am moving to London in 5 months from Greece. Since I don’t have a British account yet, I thought or transferring money to Revolut account so I can order a card and use it there.I have though 2 questions

  1. I want to order a card. I go to add money and since capital controls doesnt allow me to use my bank card I chose bank transfer. Now I have 2 options. Local and Swift. Now, I want to have Pounds on my account. What is the process I must follow? Do I send the money to the Swift account? iS THAT a UK account or I have to pay to change from euro to pounds

  2. How long does the card take to arrive/

Do this:

  • Activate your personal EUR account (I guess you’ve already done this since you see the “local” details
  • make then a regular EUR SEPA transfer to the IBAN shown under “local”
  • you can then transfer the EUR to GBP from within the app or just spend them with the card. Revolut will exchange the EUR into GBP when you transfer money out to a GBP account or if you make a payment in GBP with the card.
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Thank you for the quick answer. I just sent 11 euros for testing. Do you know how long it takes to receive the card so I can make a test purchase?

Hey. Depending on the type of shipping you have chosen it can vary.

If you want to test it out immediately then you can get a virtual Visa card (it will cost 5pounds) but you can then test it right away online.

I can’t remember but aren’t the card details of a physical card also revealed right after purchase? I thought one could use the physical card for online shopping shortly after it is ordered. :thinking:

I think you have to activate it when it arrives, but I’m not 100% sure.

It is, but it won’t be active before doing a transaction with the pin.

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The card is active from generation, the pin mechanism is merely a security feature to prevent unauthorized purchases arising for misdelivery.
You can use it for online purchases right away


Yes, that’s what I remember. But I ordered my card a while ago.