UK offshore company account

Hello everyone,

I am a Philippine citizen and I own an offshore company in the BVI and an offshore UK daughter company of the BVI one.
My company provides online marketing and advertising services and operates mainly in the Philippines yet has registered offices in the BVI and the UK.
Should there be a problem for me to open a revolut business account for my UK company?

@josephj I am afraid, this is not in line with our requirements as British Virgin Islands are not supported by Revolut Business :palm_tree:

Dear Oleksii, I have a company in the UK aswell.

@josephj then this should be fine if one of the owners is a resident of EEA

any changes on this? is it possible yet?


Our company is headquartered in India and we are looking forward to setting up a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo. As per IndieGoGo requirement, they do not serve India at this moment and do not offer payouts to virtual US bank accounts such as Payoneer, Transferwise or any similar virtual bank accounts. Read more:

Thus, they advised us to go ahead with Stripe Atlas who assist in not only setting up a C-corporation or LLC company in the US but also in opening a bank account in one of their partner banks. This solves my requirements, however, I am not interested in setting up a business in the US. I prefer the UK as it is our client base.

Here are the queries:

  1. Can I open Revolut Business account based out of India using my company UK incorporation details?
  2. Do I need to be a resident of the UK to open Revolut business account? As of now, they support personal accounts for only those living in the European Economic Area.
  3. Can I use Revolut bank account to receive funds from IndieGoGo?
  4. Does Revolut transfer funds to India? or it is via Trasnferwise?
  5. Are there any limits when it comes to receiving the funds to Revolut account or transferring the funds from Revolut to our Indian bank account?

Thank you.