UK Current account for Swiss Residents


Hi guys from Switzerland :switzerland: :slight_smile:

Maybe you know that as a Swiss resident it’s currently impossible to get a UK current account…
This is annoying me because Swiss residents have the same rights as EEA residents (

I cannot understand why Revolut is available in Switzerland but we’re unable to get a UK current account. It cannot be an issue with the law, because TransferWise is offering a UK current account to Swiss residents. So there is no reason why the UK current account isn’t availbale for Swiss Revolut users. I would like to start a petition here in the community. If you’re also thinking that we should be able to get a UK current account, please like this post or write a comment below :slight_smile:

Thanks! :wink:

@AndreasK @revolut

It would be nice to get a statement from you :slight_smile:

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Yes that would be great!


a CH national living in an EEA country wouldn’t have problem getting the UK account. It’s not about nationality but about residency.

a UK citizen living in USA can’t get a revolut account at all.


Thank You :slight_smile: , I have just adjusted my post


It would be very useful, indeed.

I have modified the title to mention Swiss residents, not Swiss citizens.


Thanks for editing :slight_smile: @Karol


Yes, I’m waiting to open revolut account til…