UK Credit Card living in SA

Probably not, assuming you dont have a residency in the UK anymore. Same goes for @PMP.

I do have residency but my bank accounts are registered in SA as I spend more time in SA so better to get my correspondence here.

So you are still registered with the authorities in the UK? In that case you’d be still eligible for an account but you could still only change the address to an EEA one.

Which means I cannot verify my bank account - oh well when something new comes along we can never use it, same goes for Paypal etc.

Why cant you verify it? Are all your British accounts registered with a South African address?

Yes both my UK accounts are registered in SA.

I’d contact support in this case.

I will close my german accounts,this means no revolut ,until i top up with my south african bank account and this is not worth it becouse of the swift acc.

It does not depend on accounts but on your residency. Do you have one in the EEA, if yes you are eligible for Revolut. Otherwise you are not I am afraid.

My new residency will be south africa,the only way is to top up per swift or you have someone in uk or germany who is member of revolut too,then he can send you money instandly,as far i now

That means you are not eligible for a Revolut account anymore.

Live agent told me i must keep the card until changes come ,or use the south african swift transfer

The problem is not the transfer but that by not having an EEA residency any longer you are technically not permitted to keep a Revolut account.

Well,i got other info,i think as long money goes to the account revolut dont mind,of course in my profile is still my euro adress,

Technically you are in violation of the terms and should there be anyone checking at some point your account might suddenly get locked.

Well,all this info i have,i got from the live agent from revolut

I dont think there will give me wrong info

But anyway its interesting to exchange expiriences with you

Not necessarily :wink:

Again, only people with an EEA residency can open and maintain a Revolut account. Should you not possess such any longer you’d technically need to close your account.

Alessandro i get your point and you are right