UK card/account - Address in EU


Can anybody at revolut explain me why some of my colleagues can get revolut cards and some like me isn’t possible (computer says no). We are living in EU and hold uk account for work. Revolut says address doesn’t match uk account with EU address. Revolut can overcome this situation… but I am still waiting to speak to THE agent who knows THE answer. As it been done by the past.


as long as you are resident in EU you can get a revolut card; this does not mean that you can get a EU account (only UK residents can get a GBP account), therefore you can still top up your revolut card with your debit or credit cards or by money transfer to revolut (using the correct reference number), but people will not be able to transfer money to you as you will not have a proper bank account in your own name (they are working on this).

In short: you can get the Revolut card and you can use it w/out problems as long as you are a EEU resident


technically you need to be resident of EEA .