UK bank transfer to Revolut - details required?


I am due a transfer to my Revolut account which has been paid from a UK bank account. This payment has been pending on my Revolut for a few days. I was checking the support section of the app for a separate issue and noticed a message from a ‘Peter’ asking for the residency address, full name and date of birth of the person who was paying the money into my Revolut account. I did not get any alert of this message. However, when I asked why these details were required as this person is not a Revolut customer, I was told ‘to proceed further, please provide all requested details’. This has not been explained fully and I am unwilling to share these details as it has never been requested before.


This is an obligation from Revolut regarding Anti Money Laundering…

You can indicates to the support that you refuse to provide these information and the money will be reverted.