UK accountants using Revolut?

I currently have an HSBC account which connects to Xero. My accountant has access to Xero and does my tax returns/PAYE etc.

Is Xero still the best option? Should I get a Revolut Business account and connect that to Xero?

Is it possible to get Revolut Business to produce my tax return? (Long shot!)


Hello @henlo :wave:

Thank you for your question! I am also interested in what our community has to say in that particular matter.
At the moment, we have integrated FreeAgent and also we are rolling out beta of Xero integration to our customers for testing.
If you are not sure how it will work for you, we have a free 14 day trial which could be a great opportunity to test the service and integration itself.
Should you have any question, give us a shout here or over business chat!