UI Overhaul

I miss the ability to easily see whether you are on track with your spending target. Now you just get bars for how much you’re spending per week and an average. I miss the projection.


I am also very unhappy with the UI in general.

I am also so disappointed with the way they redesigned the vault page. Large icons that take too much space on a background that makes it all unreadable and yet, I know you can change the image but what was wrong with the previous layout? What did we gain by having huge icons?

I hope they will use the feedback we give them…


If I compare both diagrams I can´t see an advantage in the new UI. (left old one, right 7.0):

  • The percentage after “Gesamtausgabe” is wrong. Cant be 95,97%, given the aktual figures (I have a budget of 1000 and there are 464 Euros left for seven days)
  • A lot of space is lost just for “this month” (Diesen Monat).
  • Much space is wasted for the Budget per day compared to the old one.
  • With the new one I can see how much I have spent on each and average week. But not what I might have spent at the end of the month. Nor can I see what I should have spent per week as a maximum.
  • The coloured rings for the categories are gone.

So in my opinion the old design was by far better! The only point one could have made better would be a dotted line, showing the ideal progress to spent (in my case) 1300 Euros a month.

The old UI gave us not only more and more useful information but also left space for those buttons at the end to jump back to Accounts, Analysis, Payments, Cards and Dashboard (Konten, Analysen, Zahlungen, Karten, Dashbords)

…and perhaps one could change “Äst” (which I think stands for “Estimated” or “predicted”) in “geschätzt” or “Schätzung” or just leave it because it is clear what it means.

So please keep the old budget screen alive with 7.0 (or give us a hint when to leave the beta and block all comming updates)



You can. Just swipe on the graph.

is 7.0 officially out for android ? I dont see it in playstore.

I’m confused by the percentages in the new analytics bar charts. They seem inaccurate. What are they a percentage of?

Thanks Frank, I didn´t expect it to be “swipeable” :wink: But all the other points remain. And on the starting page I don´t like the wasted space and that we now only see the last transaction, the new junior tab which I don´t need and the missing diagram for all expenses. And most points from the widget tab should be somewhere else (e.g. currency converter, edit and deletion of limits)

For me the only good points about the new UI are:

  • It is faster and
  • I like the wealth tab.

It is the same app, just join the beta program if you want use it.

Seems to be a bug. I have watched this number for quite some time and have absolutely no idea. Now I have spent 561 out of 1000 Euro and now it shows 84,03%. Weird :wink:

They are present on the iOS version when category budgets are defined. Did you check if those are still set? The update just might have erased the settings.


Yes, they are still there (and they can be seen on the screenshot (e.g. Haushalt is set to 50 and I exceeded it by 150 Euros) But still no percentagerings anymore. Tried to deactivate budgets and activated it again but to no avail.

These thin outline percentage rings are still there on iOS. So they might come back on Android as well.

I guess it will take some time to get use to this, but on the first look, it seems less practical than the previous UI.

For an example, I had an hard time to find previous month stats and I can’t find a way to organize vaults’ order.

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Where is the dashboard now? I am not able to exchange neither USD nor EUR currencies.
I have Revolut installed on 2 devices (Android) - one is OK so far. …

Not that much changed regarding these points really. Sure, it looks different, but money can still be exchanged from the currency wallets directly. And the dashboard is still the last menu option. Why not take a little time and explore the options the new UI presents? I am confident you will stumble upon the options you’re looking for. :grinning:

I am confident that barely “stumbling upon” the most commonly used features is essentially a bad user experience. Also why do we have Revolut Junior on the main screen instead of my previous transactions, which are now hidden deeper in the app? I don’t have any kids. The concept of pushing the less popular features such as Junior, Trading (which is more-or-less legally incompatible with my country from a tax perspective) is clearly obvious.

This is incredibly less practical than what we had before. I do understand that the call to action to use these features is an important marketing step for Revolut, but being so aggressive that it almost renders the app useless, is far from a reasonable behaviour.


I was not defending the design. I was giving a fellow user a hint that the features that seemed to be missing are still there.

The UI changed, so buttons look and are named differently. But they are situated at the same “contact points” as they were before. They are easy to discover when you actually look around and get over expecting them at the same place they used to be. Again, I am not providing an opinion about how I like all of this. My goal was to help someone to actually find a feature.


Yeah, I see. Yet I think it’s useful to give user feedback regarding the changes. Just to give some further insight to everyone regarding what I meant:

  • Only a single transaction is visible on the main screen (with a considerable blank area below it.) Any older transactions can be found on a separate screen now. Could we have at least the latest few transactions please?
  • Currency exchange via a particular wallet hidden in a submenu, rather than a comfy big button at the top. Why?
  • The expense stats are somewhat buggy as of now. Scrolling to the bottom of the categories and then going back to the top makes the header show the total amount for my first month of using Revolut instead of the selected month, for example.

Altogether at least the above should be improved in my opinion - apart from these, I don’t really mind a different layout, font, new graphics, or some spotlight to misc. features.


I got here because I just noticed everything has changed…
I do not really like the new UI, because I think many of the shortcuts have not been here for long before they have been removed with the new UI.
What I miss most, is the option to add a picture of a receipt to a certain expense. With this I always had the receipt with me in case I had to go to the shop and return or change things I bought. This feature seems to be gone suddenly. In my opinion it has to come back, because it made the app so very handy!!


Oh, and what i just realised, all the pictures I have taken, have been deleted…

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