UI Overhaul

Here you go

I’m really disappointed with the new UI. It’s too generic and sterile, not the way to implement minimalism. The previous version was much better, with the blue diagram and the balance in middle. It feels like the app has lost its face, like it had no dedicated home screen, just a boring looking list. I want at least back the old arrangement with the diagram.

Oh, and also, please revert back to the exchange rate shortcut instead of the stocks. It it would we waayyy better if you’d give the ability to customise the shortcut


Exchange rate short cut will be removed? :frowning: Dont like that idea at all.


I think they should replace the trading icon with the exchange one! Thanks for pointing that out, I hadn’t noticed it despite checking the exchange rate daily


So they did it. Updated to 6.35 and new UI is there. No more exchange rate shortcurt (replaced with useless trading shortcut). Dont like it at all. :frowning: Navigating to exchange rates now is burried in other menu.

And of course still no dark mode.


With regard to the still absent dark mode.

I am reminded of the proverb:

‘There are none so blind as those who will not see’

Meaning that understanding cannot be forced on someone who chooses to be ignorant.

Will someone with the ability to introduce this simple option please explain why it isn’t being added to the user interface?


it looks okay. I have few thoughts…

  1. Now every bottom tab screen has more native apps like Titles (face, being bold and its size. see Messages, App Store etc), the ‘Analytics’ looks out of place. perhaps you could move spent amount to same top left corner and similar to home screen?
  2. I’d very much like the exchange shortcut back on the home screen. it was handy. Or add a setting to change it to whatever user likes? I really don’t like the trading icon there.
  3. minor: When pressing search on home screen, there is divider under search bar which looks odd. Getting rid of it will look good.
  4. ‘Analytics’ tab has option to view all transactions in one place. Category includes transactions from all accounts and currency spent in this month or all time shows estimated amount. Similar to this, I would really like to see if home screen can show all the account transactions in one place. It’s really annoying to see new transactions in other currency by first selecting the account. If by default everything is in one place it will be great!

I don’t like it because they removed the graph. It was unique for Revolut. Now is generic like any other basic banking app👎🏻


I am totally agree with your point of you, but as I feel they won’t listen to us!


UI getting worst and worst with every update! Should be Less is more!


And a few months back everyone said they hate the graph :smiley:


graph is gone? woot :smiley: I certainly do not miss it. Was turned off in my settings anyway. Glad its completely gone now. At least 1 posititve thing from update :yum:


Anyone could turn the graph off. And that’s fair. Why take the graph from those who liked it though? I liked it, many liked it, I wish it back.


Pause. Breathe. It’s coming, be patient.

It’s literally coming, which is why I’ve asked everyone to stop acting like it isn’t, many times

Looks like some bad 90’s design, it’s not clear neither elegant. I have decent resolution on my phone and still it all looks like a mess, I have a feeling of overlapping list items. Account state is the most important information yet it was moved to the upper left corner like it’s an addition to the rest.
I really liked previous UI, comparing to other mobile banking it was light years in future, now I want to close this app wherever I’m opening it.


Wow, the exchange rate and graphs are now well hidden. You have to go into the main currency account, then click on information, then click on rates. Please bring back the rate shortcut icon or put it on the more menu. Most people havd multi currency rather than stocks.


I don’t like the aesthetics of it at all. It’s a huge step back in aesthetic/design language of revolut. I don’t know who in revolut agreed to this with clear mind but it’s terrible.
+Missing dark mode but that was mentioned many times already.


I just googled “Revolut feedback” to find a way to tell you specifically to stop with this “overhaul”. Then I found this thread. I’m sorry to say but the changes in the “Accounts” tab really made it worse for me. Differences in sizes and the use of whitespace for grouping related items are really important. The old UI clearly highlighted the balance, separating it from the actions available and from the transaction list. Now everything is more confusing.

I really loved the old UI. Sure, a few things could be improved at the UX level but overall I was very pleased. This “overhaul” is a clear regression in my humble opinion. I also preferred the old icon.

Anyway, my 2 cents. Keep up the good work, I’ve been a happy customer otherwise.


I love the new UI but hope the team considers my feedback.
1- After removing the chart feature I think a good way to implement it yet keep UI cleans by viewing a full size chart only when tilting the phone to landscape mode.

2- I hate the “Trading” button on top right cornor. I understand that’s how marketing works but please bring back the “Rates” button that was removed. It was very useful to check all rates immediately from main screen by one tap.


I will miss the chart, because it was really useful for me!
People, who didn’t want to use it, were already able to disable it, so I don’t understand, why it was removed completely :frowning: