UI Overhaul

In fact, the app has yearly analytics. I’m running 7.20 on iPhone.


I’m on android and this isn’t the case for me. Hopefully it will be updated soon then.

I’m running Android and the annual analytics are there. Click the graph icon next to the bell on the home page, then the calendar icon at the top right corner and there it is… Weekly, Monthly and Yearly.

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Thanks for that. Please don’t think that the rest of my comment is negative towards you. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is just that I share the frustration of many other Revolut users, about the way that the interface is moving.

However I think that the problem is that navigation is not clear, logical or intuitive.

It needs users to stumble upon posts such as your very helpful post, in order to find whatused to be easy to find.

To me it seems that the people who are responsible for the user interface, it is time to think about the frustration that you are causing for your users.

Unhappy users = customers who will move elsewhere.


I totally agree that it’s not the easiest app to navigate, it took me ages to find the analytics section and even longer to find the live exchange details when they removed it from Widgets. I suppose we could look at it as a “work in progress” but you’re correct in saying Revolut techies really need to think of the users


Most companies use AB testing, I guess also Revolut does so.
The UI of Revolut is deemed to be continuously changed.

Sounds good, but all you can do is to hide the Junior tab. Still not possible to hide the useless and space consuming Weekly Insights. :roll_eyes:

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The chart for exchange rates went from bad to worse in the last version. Now you cannot select a point on the curve to check the earlier rate and the lowest and highest values are missing too. :confounded:


How do you even hide anything with the new update? I don’t see the 3 dots to hide anything. This new UI is absolutely terrible.


Sorry but when I click on the curve it shows the time and exchange rate. Agree though that the High and Low seem to have gone.

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Which platform are you talking about? Android or iOS?

I can’t see this function either, in latest version of iOS.
It’s in the release notes in the app store, but there’s no 3 dots to tap on any product.
I even tried switching from dark to light mode in case there was a bug that was hiding the menu option in dark mode, but nothing :thinking:

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Hi all. Sorry this isn’t related, but I’ve looked all over the page and totally can’t see how to submit a new post on these forums – please can anyone tell me where the button is?



The feature does not appear to be in iOS despite the update notes.

I was able to hide Junior in beta but can’t do it in the official release.