UI Overhaul

Revolut just lost me lately as it’s evangelist because of the latest UI/UX changes. From years I advice my friends to use Revolut by showing them how fast and easy is to send money. Recently when I’ve installed new app version on friends phone I couldn’t do it. At least one or two “clicks” were added to the process. And by trying to figure it out I’ve made mistake and generated payment link instead of sending money. I think that says a lot and I didn’t show my friend how easy it is. Revolut “thinks” it’s popular because of it’s functions but what I belive it’s at least 50% / 50% UI/UX which is getting destroyed by every latest update.


I just switched to N26 and the clean simple UI is so refreshing!


Yes, and they have dark mode and are a real bank. But unfortunately I miss some features: multi currency accounts, (disposable) virtual cards, etc.

A new competitor has launched but only in Germany so far…

What competitor are you referring to?


I am asking to see how much I spent on USD from my tv subscription (DirectTV)and I don’t know anymore… just a simple question that used to be so easy to get from this application…

Really bad…


I´m also interested in the german competitor. Could you please tell us who it is?

I really used to love the revolut app but since 7.x I just want another bank. I will sell all shares and leave revolut and the metal plan soon if they don´t give us back what we used to have with 6.x ;-( Sorry for that because until 7.x it was great and I recommended it a lot. Now my blood pressure rises every time I open the new app and I keep telling people not to switch to revolut until they change the app ;-( But I´m still insecure if bunq or N26 will better fullfill my needs

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After the recent upgrade the only remaining Revolut’s advantage I can see is their exchange rate. I haven’t come across any other service that could beat it. Although with the 5 times free limit reduction in August even that becomes less attractive.


I started with N26 as my first fintech. Then found Revolut to be better, later Monese and now my favourite is bunq although I still use Monese for its joint account with my wife.

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Is there a way to get rid of the weekly insights on the home screen? Or move it to the analytics page?

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Nope, no way at all.

The icons (weekly insights) sometimes disappear and reappear when switching the screens (Home->Wealth->Home, etc.)…

version 7.6.2 out already (for android). no idea what they are updating, but they seems to be doing something.

I’m still on 6.9.x - no hurry to update. No hurry at all. :yum: