UI Overhaul

It changed back for me for 3 transactions. So there must be some logic in how long they show the analytics…I wish it would be optional though like it was.

I stumbled across bunq reddit thread. Oh… Users there are dealing with same (app redesign - V3, many dont like it).

Maybe its trend now - the worse, the better :crazy_face:

if you want an actual take from someone who knows about banking: banks make money from you using all of their stuff and they make money from you not switching

you don’t want to use stocks, have your entire wealth with them etc. you’re not profitable from Revolut’s perspective; they’re not going to go back to just an FX card with some bolt-ons in the dashboard. they are leaning towards a fully blown bank offering all the associated services. that’s why they’re upping the markup etc. because they want to be better than everyone for everything. not better than everyone at a loss where people only use half of the offerings

I fully agree with you. But I, as a metal plan customer, using crypto, shares and the card would like to have an easy to use app with all information I need at glance. I don´t mind new features but I hate it if things disappear which used to make banking easier.

I would like to have the option if I want to see only on or all transactions on the main screen.
I would like to have the coloured percentage rings back which gave me a quick information
I would like to see the monthly graph as it used to be with 6.x. Those new ones are of no use for me.
I would like to see a chart for crypto, not search that piece of information on the Internet.
I would like to have as many information as possible on the screen and I don´t want to be disturbed by a kids account because my kids are above 30 and won´t become kids again.

I can´t think of a single reason why those changes have been made. It doesn´t look as if they really want me as a customer any longer. And I use nearly everything they offer.

Just my two cents…


I keep asking that question since the first 7.x beta… Someone said it works on IPhone…

Sorry for little offtopic - can any transferwise user please share few screenshots from their app with dark mode? I heard they do have it, but cannot find any screens on google :grimacing:
I’m most interestered how transaction history screen looks in dark mode.

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Use Revolut all the time.

It’s still a great system but the new UI absolutely sucks. I don’t know a single friend or colleague who likes it (and almost everybody I know uses Revolut).

It’s clunky, everything is all over the place. Big boxes of rubbish on the real estate that I have zero interest in.

Previous design 9. New UI 0 - it’s that bad.


I wouldn’t say it’s terrible. Some of the icons could do with a re-design to better portray each part of the app and some things do feel a bit hidden away. Not the worst UI design I’ve ever seen though.

Can’t really compare to the old design as I’ve only just started using R. Just hoping for a Dark theme soon.


I hate that you can only see one request at a time - makes it very easy to miss them. Otherwise the payments section and the wealth section are improved :slight_smile:

So 8 of us go out for lunch yesterday. All of us have Revolut cards.

As usual one of us paid the bill and all other users transfers money to the bill-payer via the Revolut app.

Here comes the problem…

One person in the group was an “outsider” and needed to pay the bill-payer using the “pay people near me” function.

It took all 8 of us 5 minutes to find where this is now hidden in this jumbled up mess of an app.

So if you want to receive money in this way the option is under the send page, hidden away right at the top of the page which is hidden unless you pull the page down.

New UI is terrible.


Jesus thats an huge mistake to see that as “update”
Is there any option to get the original lool and feel back? Please developers do some magic. The new happtic is horrorfying… thx

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Not happy that the budget section has gone back to resetting 1st of the month. It doesn’t work at all that way as most people get paid in the week before the end of the month and I spend most of my money at the end of the month, I need to be able to budget from my pay day. It’s ridiculous. The old way the app looked and worked was so much better. You’ve changed things, then broke them, then instead of fixing it have gone to the easiest option.


They removed the ability to add Notes to transfers to/from a Vault… which sucks, because I like to provide context to every single transaction, so that I still know what it was for, many months (or even years) from now.
Apart from that, I’m also of the opinion that the new UI isn’t so good… I also convinced many of my friends to adopt it, and unfortunately I don’t even have a single one who’s “in favor” of it…
I’m usually in favor of new versions, changes and updates, but I also don’t like it so much if I’m being honest.

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Im using Android Beta and unless I’m losing it, I simply cannot see how/where I set up budgets - can anyone enlighten me please? Thanks.

Using Revolut App 7.9.1 on the home page click on the histogram icon to enter the budget screen. Click on ‘Budget’ to enter the ‘Edit your budget’ screen.

Thanks. There is no option for budget. I’m sure there was but not any more.

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Budget is dead in Revolut…

Budget in one currency… seriously… we are in year 2020 not 2002

I downloaded the Wallet - Daily budget and Profit to do my job.

Revolut used to wanted to be one app for everything… not any more…

I have the useless icons in the first page that I spent money to transfers… I don’t know why I have to see that??? Noone knows… just rubbish …

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Sorry it didn’t help you. Maybe ‘Budget’ only appears when you have set up a physical card. Try home>cards>tap card icon>settings>spending limit>change monthly limit

Thats OK - technical issue at Revoults end, apparently…

It should be much more minimal and easy to navigate. Every version is getting more cluttered and cramped of functions, iti is slowly becoming an awful labyrinth of options :confused:
Secondary stuff as Rewards, friends and invitations should be hidden or in an independent leisure or perks oriented app. Also, why should be people with no kids have to see wasted space with the junior menu and people who hate Group bills have to see that option as well, etc. We shouldn’t need to see what we don’t use. I miss when the app was beautiful, easy to navigate and minimal!