UI Overhaul

Nope, no way at all.

The icons (weekly insights) sometimes disappear and reappear when switching the screens (Home->Wealth->Home, etc.)…

version 7.6.2 out already (for android). no idea what they are updating, but they seems to be doing something.

I’m still on 6.9.x - no hurry to update. No hurry at all. :yum:

They fixed the front page with adding more transactions, so you were able to see at least 3!! Yesterday they turned it off again, so now you can see Weekly Insights instead and your last transaction, how great it is. they managed to show you zero relevant information on a 6" screen. Whats wrong with the managers at this company? We would like to see our spendings!!!


I can still see the last 3 transactions. I’m using version 7.8-beta440 on Android.

Just adding my opinion here. It might be a bit controversial but I actually like the UI overhaul. That doesn’t mean I don’t have feedback to make it better—I do—but to me Revolut actually improved in a way that I just made it my main go-to bank account.

Disclaimer: After the disastrous UI Overhaul of a well-known neobank competitor from the Netherlands, I might simply be easy to please. But yeah, there we go.

I think what Revolut’s UI basically needs is choice. Let me choose to hide the Junior feature, let me choose to hide the weekly insights or move them elsewhere, let me choose to put the ATM search on the front page instead of back there under my profile somehow. Those would greatly improve the app.

Regarding UI/UX, in addition to the above mentioned choice, I would like:

  • Dark Mode (adhering to system settings on iOS—not sure how Android works here but if this is not a system setting, the app should still offer Dark Mode on its own)
  • Transfers that actually show the method of transfer (SEPA, SWIFT, in future hopefully SCT Inst as well)
  • Incoming Transfers that show all possible information like incoming IBAN of sender, etc.

Thank you for your consideration.


It is constantly changing back and forth to me. There are 3 combinations:

  • 1 transaction+emptyness
  • 3 transactions
  • 1 transaction+Weekly insights.

The app is changing between these combinations every few days or so.


Yes. It is confusing a bit. Not sure if Revolut is yet to decide to finalise home page design. Understand that the home page real estate is really valuable. Revolut should give options to the users to hide/delete the feature that are not relevant to them.


If you update to latest version of Revolut, you will lose dark mode via Android 10’s force dark mode feature.

Fully agree. Revolut, please let us chose what we want to see and what not. I don´t need and I don´t want and I never will use Junior Accounts. I want to see the old graph for all time spending and the monthly graph as it used to be in 6.x And I want back the coloured rings on budgets, showing me the percentage and most of all I want to see as many transactions as possible. Even if the loading takes time, I would prefer all transaktions to on. Every time I want to see it, I now need the extra click for all transactions… So the only difference to 6.x is, that I always have one more click. Why do you prefer an userunfriendly interface over a good one? I would gladly have 6.x back. In my case I will wait till my metal plan expires and if the app stays like it is now, I will leave Revolut for good and all… Hope other fintechs won´t mess up a nearly perfect user experience just to show, they can do it. Perhaps we need 30 clicks with the next update to see the last two transactions? I can´t imagine, what you are heading for with 7.x… ;-(


What about the analytics in the currency you are spending? I don’t care to see how are the GBP figures for transactions that happened in USD…

I am okay with changes but this is compromise of the services that we are paying for. We are the customers here and Revolut has to listen US and not some new managers hired last year and they to sign off their project.

And customers like me and a lot of others here that started back in 2015-2016 with the idea that we don’t need the traditional banks to steal our monies while traveling and we have promote Revolut everywhere in the world…we cannot accept this. No we cannot!

I am not going to leave Revolut but I will wait for these “managers” to leave Revolut because they don’t belong with us… they can go to starling… monese what ever… doesn’t matter the names all of them are the same banks … online ones with mentality of traditional banks.

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Now, with 7.8 beta 443 the next feature is gone. No more Chart for crypto currencies. Very disappointing to see more and more features vanish…;-(

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Weekly Insights feature is useless, especially on the home screen. It takes too much space unnecessarily.

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One thing I miss that I don’t see anyone else has mentioned is the budget progress circle - the circle around the icon showed how much of the budget had been spent.
It is still exists for the overall budget, but has disappeared for the individual budget categories. I used to find this useful to tell at a glance how close I was to exceeding the individual category budgets without having to engage brain and read the “ left of ” text for each one. I hope they bring this back, I don’t understand why it would be removed in the first place as it doesn’t affect the overall formatting of the page.


It changed back for me for 3 transactions. So there must be some logic in how long they show the analytics…I wish it would be optional though like it was.

I stumbled across bunq reddit thread. Oh… Users there are dealing with same (app redesign - V3, many dont like it).

Maybe its trend now - the worse, the better :crazy_face:

if you want an actual take from someone who knows about banking: banks make money from you using all of their stuff and they make money from you not switching

you don’t want to use stocks, have your entire wealth with them etc. you’re not profitable from Revolut’s perspective; they’re not going to go back to just an FX card with some bolt-ons in the dashboard. they are leaning towards a fully blown bank offering all the associated services. that’s why they’re upping the markup etc. because they want to be better than everyone for everything. not better than everyone at a loss where people only use half of the offerings

I fully agree with you. But I, as a metal plan customer, using crypto, shares and the card would like to have an easy to use app with all information I need at glance. I don´t mind new features but I hate it if things disappear which used to make banking easier.

I would like to have the option if I want to see only on or all transactions on the main screen.
I would like to have the coloured percentage rings back which gave me a quick information
I would like to see the monthly graph as it used to be with 6.x. Those new ones are of no use for me.
I would like to see a chart for crypto, not search that piece of information on the Internet.
I would like to have as many information as possible on the screen and I don´t want to be disturbed by a kids account because my kids are above 30 and won´t become kids again.

I can´t think of a single reason why those changes have been made. It doesn´t look as if they really want me as a customer any longer. And I use nearly everything they offer.

Just my two cents…


I keep asking that question since the first 7.x beta… Someone said it works on IPhone…

Sorry for little offtopic - can any transferwise user please share few screenshots from their app with dark mode? I heard they do have it, but cannot find any screens on google :grimacing:
I’m most interestered how transaction history screen looks in dark mode.

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