UI Overhaul

What are your thoughts?


It looks ok, but still no dark theme :-1: :thinking: :unamused:


I agree, surely there cannot be a reason for everything being blindingly white?

All we want is a toggle switch to tone it down

Please listen, interface developers?


I still miss the blue at the top on the original UI :frowning:

It looks so stark now. At the least the graph gave some contrast. I agree on a dark mode.


There’s now a distinction between “hiding” and “deactivating” wallets. That’s cool.

What do you mean? 202020

Wallets with a balance get the toggle “deactivate”, wallets with balance zero get the toggle “hide” and are actually hidden from any accounts list.

Are these updates for Android version only as I don’t see it in iOS??


Are available on beta.

There is no distinction on my app, latest beta on iOS, could you provide screenshots?

A wallet with a balance can get deactivated:

A wallet with balance zero can be hidden:

The screenshots show the swipe UI from the accounts overlay, but this functionality is implemented throughout the app.


The new Trading shortcut icon is quite good. I like the new UI overall.

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Overall it’s okay. I would only remove the trading icon from the top of the accounts screen and put the amount back to center. Something like this:


Personally I think removing the trading icon would be enough, it would look a bit better without it. I think they’re trying to get people using the feature though, as it generates good revenue (holding fees)

If they implemented a dark mode, it would be even better.


Exactly, the UI didn’t need an overhaul but definately needs dark mode. No one asked for a overhaul, dark mode would have automatically been an overhaul needed and wanted.


No one asks for a lot of things, but as they’re paying for it and as they’re providing the service, you can go elsewhere

They’ve already confirmed dark mode is coming - stop with the animosity and complaint of a genuine UI/UX improvement.

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Revolut are paying for it, with venture capital. You aren’t paying for their UI overhaul

Also yes, you can say what you want. But have you heard the quote from Mark Twain?

“It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt”

What’s foolish is to complain continuously about an issue they’ve confirmed they’re actively fixing

It’s like complaining your ice cream has no sauce as the guy is putting it on - just give them some time to put the sauce on and keep it to yourself


Why there on forum is not anyone from staff anymore for long time now to dispel any doubts if they working on it or not?

They confirmed it on Twitter, would you like me to find the exact tweet?

Staff have entirely disappeared from here, if you haven’t noticed, they just approve posts and get on with whatever other work they’ve got