UI and new general design is a step (back) to skeuomorphism?

Hi. I have my concerns about the new general graphic design. I don’t know if you do it on purpose but is like from 10 years ago. It has these realistic 3D objects that is totally the opposite of what Apple and Google are doing these days.
I really think it is a step back. The older one was really really good and was one of the reasons I came to Revolut.


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Look at this calendar:

It has metal rings!

I also do not like those new icons you now see in this community and in the app.

I think taking a minimalist approach would seem much better.


I did a little research on the internet and it seems to be a revival to the old skeuomorphism but does’t seems like a trend everywhere . They are experimenting big here.

Not for the other feature rich reasons? :thinking:

It was one of the reasons. There is more, like no fees, multiple way to add money to the account etc.

Is this topic about UI in forum?


Forum still looks fine. Same functionality, just different icons (that does not bother me). Other thing is UI in app though :grimacing:

you need to build a sufficient trust level on the forums by commenting for a few weeks or so

I agree. These people should have tried making them more like Google’s Material Design. Then they wouldn’t have looked so out of place or outdated.