Uber with revolut Austria


I ordered my physical card and tried entering the num. In uber, says issue accepting card.

Help revolut!


If you search this forum for Uber, you should find useful informations about this. I believe problems are caused by restrictions on Uber’s side, but some were able to use Revolut with Uber nevertheless.


Hi @Quexity ,

Please get in touch with me via DM so that I can look into this!


I Jessica, I have the same problem with uber can you give a a hand?


Hi @lpadua/Luis,

Uber does not like prepaid cards such as revolut cards on some countries although you can you use another number such as Romanian number and add your card to it and be charged in EUR.

Have you set country to UK with post code: E14 5AB?


Nope… None of those tips worked. Thanks anyway.