Uber UK not accepting Revolut anymore?


I’ve had issues since the weekend with Uber using my Revolut card. Revolut has been declining the transactions and today the transaction doesn’t appear to even get as far as Revolut.

Just had an online chat with Revolut and they have confirmed Uber is no longer accepting Revolut payments.

This is a big loss. I hope they can resolve their relationship!.


Uber UK only or worldwide? I used it 1 week ago and it worked fine.


I read somewhere you need to have another card in the Uber app in order for the :r: one to work, I’m not sure though. It doesn’t work at all here in Portugal.


I already have another card registered with Uber. Revolut and Uber has been working fine for the past year. Stopped working this weekend. Revolut (Monika) told me this morning that Uber have stopped accepting Revolut cards. I don’t know if this is only limited to the UK or not.


That’s a bummer :(. The sooner Revolut issue full all singing all dancing Debit cards the better.


Is that still true? UK Uber does not accept R anymore?


It was already not supported in other countries. It seems UK joined the list.


Use Uber with Revolut via Curve. Problem solved. Period.


Yes. One of the advantages of Curve issuing a full Debit card, as opposed to the prepaid card Revolut issues.