U.K. bank card with foreign address

I live in the Netherlands with a Stirling account with HSBC in the U.K. with my Netherlands address as my postal address.
I set up revolut with my Netherlands address.
When I try to top up revolut in £ with my HSBC card it says the address on the card and the revolut account don’t match, they do!
Anyone got any ideas? I tried in app help which unfortunately was misleading and tried to blame my bank.

@AndreasK might be able to sort that out.

Though, have you tried a local(!) bank transfer instead? That might be easier. Just make sure it is local and not SWIFT.

Yeah I’ve tried that but it takes about 8 hours for it to appear in my account. Any help greatly appreciated.

Hi there. Is the billing address of your card the same as the one you used when you added the card to your Revolut account?

Many thanks for your response, they are both exactly the same. Both my Netherlands address, but when I try to add money using my card it says they don’t match.

Can contact our in-app support team?

Thanks Andreas, I tried that but they were unable to help.

Can you please send me a direct message?

Hi! I’ve got the same issue as Pedrob188 but with France.
I live in France with a HSBC in the U.K. with my French address. I set up my revolut account with my French address. When I try to top up, it says the address on the card and the account doesn’t match.
Have you found a fix? I also tried to talk with a live agent and same results as Pedrob188, blaming the bank.

thank you

Hi there. Could you send me a direct message?

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Thank you

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Hi there,

I’m having the exact same problem with all my Barclays accounts cards which are now registered to an address in France.

Please could you enable the same process to resolve the situation as discussed in this thread.

Best Regards