Two transactions muddled

Travelling in France recently I used my new card a lot and have been very pleased with the rates and the app. Except one bizarre episode…

On the 13 March at 11:46, I bought 2 coffees at a resto called Vinouva for 6.40 Euro via contactless. From earlier transactions I can see that Vinouva comes through on my account as Meleze 03. So far so good.

Same day, in the evening we went out for a meal in a nearby restaurant Les Narcisses. I paid with my card and PIN at 22:03 for 72.50 Euro.

On returning to the UK I checked the app against all my receipt slips to see what rates I got and make sure the balance met my expectations.

For 13 March I was surprised to find two entries
Meleze 03 at 10:46 £64.40 6.40 Euro
Les Narcisses at 21:03 £5.69 6.40 Euro

I generated a statement which presented me with the same two entries.

My initial reaction was that Revolut had charged me £64 for a 6.40 Euro transaction and I was not amused. Went to online chat on the app and flagged the problem. This chat spanned several days and many screenshots and photos of receipt slips etc. Over the course of the chat I realised that there was NO transaction showing for 72.50 Euros. On applying the current exchange rate I realise that 72.50 Euros is £64.40. So actually my balance is probably correct.
Live agents refuse to acknowledge there is a problem claiming the merchants have pre-authorised one amount and then finally collected a different amount. They suggest I log out and in again, which I do.

Now I see:
Meleze 03 at 10:46 £64.40 72.50 Euro
Les Narcisses at 21:03 £5.69 6.40 Euro

It is blatantly clear (to me) that the two transactions have been muddled up by Revolut (or VISA). I did not spend 72.50 in the morning at Meleze, but in the evening at Narcisses. Conversely I did not spend 6.40 in the evening at Narcisses, but in the morning at Meleze.

Despite the obvious evidence, live agents still refuse to accept there is a problem, claiming the merchants settled for different amounts than pre-authorised. I point out the miraculous coincidence of Meleze “correcting” to an amount I had yet to spend at a different establishment 10 hours later, and vice versa. Deaf ears.

Now some will say what am I worrying about if my balance is correct. But this has undermined my confidence in Revolut systems and willingness/ability to investigate customer issues professionally. I would also like to be sure the restaurant got paid 72.50 and the coffeeshop only 6.40!

In all my years of VISA transactions I have never seen this occur before. So my inclination is that there is a bug in the Revolut presentation of the transaction data.

So have any other users had a similar experience or is this truly a one-off glitch I can forget about?

Do any Revolut staff want to actually investigate this properly in order to understand what went wrong?

Hey Silk.

Could you show a screenshot, might be easier to see the “muddleness” :slight_smile:

Here are three screenshots which illustrate the problem (which I thought I had explained clearly?!):

The two receipts:

The inital view on the app:

…and the final/current view on the app:

Ignore the interim transaction with Meleze at 14:43 for £7.10 / 8 Euros. That is correct - 2 Vins chaud!

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Something seems to have gone :banana:s in your case I am afraid

@AndreasK any idea how that can happen?

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Hmmm, your screenshot shows that you had not enough money in your EUR wallet. So if I’m right app’s behaviour was ok :wink:

Just skip it (my comment).

The issue is not that it deducted it from the GBP account, but that the two transactions are completely off and seemed to have been later mis-corrected and (probably manually) tinkered with.

As far as I can tell there is something seriously off here and I hope @AndreasK could shed some light on what happened.

Okay, sorry for misunderstanding.

Not something strange on the merchants end is it?

Perhaps the two establishments have the same owner and they have shared / swapped one of their PoS readers?!

(I’ve seen similar happen before…)

Unlikely I’d say. And as you can see on the first screenshot it is not only about values being swapped.