Two Revolut Accounts

Is it possible to have two Revolut accounts under one name linking to the same debit card?

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Can you clarify your question?

As in multiple currency accounts/wallets (26 currencies and counting.), or multiple individuals?

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I have a Revolut card for personal use but want to have one for business use also. Both Revolut cards will be linked to the same debit card for top up purposes

You cannot have 2 Revolut accounts.

However, you can have multiple Revolut cards (2 physical Revolut cards + additional virtual cards.), which are linked to all the currency accounts that you have (26 currencies and counting.) in your account.

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I have a personal and a business account linked to the same phone number. The business account doesn’t link to any debit cards for top=ups. It can only be ‘topped up’ via bank transfer.

Having two accounts for one person is not allowed. Not even if you use two different phone numbers. Trying this will result in your accounts being blocked.
(Revolut for Business is probably an exception in that case…)

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Why is having 2 accounts not permitted? The reason why I need 2 is to put a China wall between 2 different use cases: one account for travel, one account for daily expenses. The oly way to separate the two is by truly having 2 accounts. Will Revolut review this policy or are they imposed this rule by regulators ?

I am sure that the number of Revolut accounts would dramatically increase as several users like me would create a second account, hence making Revolut’s owners more than happy, as the company valuation would dramatically increase.


Just use two different Revolut cards if you want to separate those for security reason.

I think this is due to the problems with money laundry and such. :man_shrugging:t3:

One account for travel and one for daily life is all leisure/private. I do not see any need for 2 accounts in my case. So statistically it is already 50% of users OK with only one account. The statistics in :r: are good. you can keep track of spendings better than in any banking app I use(d).

I don’t see why having 2 accounts will pose money laundering problems. I already have a Revolut, Ditto, Transferwise, N26 etc accounts…

2 Revolut cards drawing money from the same pool of money does not solve my problem, I really need a China wall between the 2.

Well, if it is not possible, then let it be.

In your example 4 Institutes are responsible for 1 account each. Like :r: ToU demand it. They have strict rules to follow and support is already in trouble with restricted accounts. Imagine they had to control 2+ accounts per user.

Is your problem just based on the fact that it’s hard to keep track of spendings? …or do you have to send costs/receipts to someone?

I understand that from security reasons we might be not possible to have two current accounts.
But is it possible to introduce some sorts of bucketing. For example if I have 100$ in my account for travel and 50$ for bills. I don’t want to treat it as of I have 150$.

It is very logical to have those two separated across all currencies.
It is sort of flexible saving account you might have have in other banks.
It would be very useful to have sort of saving account across all currencies which we can use for other purposes then current account.

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This is quite strange because I have both a personal and a business Revolut account. In my business Revolut account I have created two GBP accounts, one my normal one and the other for storing my future tax liability (I am going to have to pay this tax so it isn’t ever going to be my company’s money, so I want to keep it segregated). Same approach doesn’t work for the personal account.