Two Revolut Accounts


Is it possible to have two Revolut accounts under one name linking to the same debit card?


Can you clarify your question?

As in multiple currency accounts/wallets (26 currencies and counting.), or multiple individuals?


I have a Revolut card for personal use but want to have one for business use also. Both Revolut cards will be linked to the same debit card for top up purposes


You cannot have 2 Revolut accounts.

However, you can have multiple Revolut cards (2 physical Revolut cards + additional virtual cards.), which are linked to all the currency accounts that you have (26 currencies and counting.) in your account.


I have a personal and a business account linked to the same phone number. The business account doesn’t link to any debit cards for top=ups. It can only be ‘topped up’ via bank transfer.


Having two accounts for one person is not allowed. Not even if you use two different phone numbers. Trying this will result in your accounts being blocked.
(Revolut for Business is probably an exception in that case…)