Two major bugs in "Support chat" in the app


Hi guys!
Just wanted to let you know about two major bugs which I noticed when trying to speak to the support team.

  1. Support team doesn’t see my attachments at all. None! I sent more than ten, in different days, both photos and screenshots, in normal resolution and in the smallest possible.
    The “best thing” that those attachments were shown in my chat, so I was pretty sure that support guys see those as well. That’s why I was getting really irritating when they were asking for the same photo of my ID again and again.

  2. Some messages from support team are not shown in my chat.
    I was getting pop up notifications on my phone that there was an answer. But when I was going to the app, there were no messages in our chat. I don’t know how many I was missing. At some moment your agent had to send me screenshots of her messages, cause that was the only way for me to see what she was replying to me.
    Usually messages would not be shown if I haven’t been for a while in the app (guess why? you agents reply once per 8 hours or so). When I’m in the app and the conversation is active, I get more or less all messages.

Please, take a look at it, as it’s very critical for resolving customer’s issues.


@Inna Generally if you see a red exclamation mark on the photo this means that you need to decrease the resolution of the photo. This should allow them through. Have you tried killing and re-opening the app? All messages should be archived in the chat history. We do not delete them.


I tried sending photos in the lowest possible resolution (no way to go lower), still your agents were not able to see those. The image would be shown normal at first, and after I type anything, a red exclamation mark would appear. Anyway, photos made on a normal phone should be able to go through, otherwise there’s no way to resolve the issue. If your agent asks me to send selfie with the id, the only way I can make it is via my phone.

I tried:

  • closing app and opening it again
  • logging out of app and logging in again
  • relaunching the whole phone
  • deleting the app and installing it again

Nothing helped.

I understand that you don’t delete messages. What I’m saying is that you type messages but they are not shown to me. I saw this happening many times, it wasn’t a one-off situation.
You can check my chat. I can send you screenshots to prove that what you agents see on their screen is different from what I see.


Hi Inna,

Thank you for letting us know. I will personally take a look at what’s going on.

I will contact you via a direct message so we can get in touch.


Andreas K.