Two charges on my bank account when deposite

Hello all,

Today I register in Revolut and when I deposit money on my account in euros, I have received two different charges on my bank account, one of them of the same amount as I deposited but another one that seems like some kind of comision. Why did I receive that second charge?

Thanks in advance

Did you use a card for this?

The second charge is probably for authorization of that card only. It will be reverted.

Yes, I use a card for that.

Great! How much time does it take to be available in my account?

Thank you for your fast reply.

Just to confirm: you see two transactions for your card. The amount you wanted to top up. And then an additional 1 EUR for authorization, and you want to know how fast the 1 EUR will be reverted? I guess a couple of hours max.

Yes, just as you said.

Thank you so much for your help Frank.

Best regards.