two cards same number

I already asked by I have not seen my question posted.

To make things short, I installed revolut in my wife phone, but as she was going to a location where she was going to use a local number, I provided my number in her moblile revolut app

Each of us has a different account and card.

I cannot transfer money to her via R in contacts as that is my own number…
She cannot pay for internet expenses as I receive the SMS …

How can we change the phone number associated to her app?


You (your wife) need to ask support via chat to change the number of your wife’s account. Numbers of verified accounts can’t be changed without the help of support.

(How were you able to set up two accounts with the same number in the first place? I would think the system should detect this when signing up and would not allow this.)

you can change your number in app profile>personal details

I don´t know…
Fact is that it happens

Thanks, will try to do so.

It means that you have to make a contact in your phone in which you will have your own number :). When you’re trying to send her money from your phone, Revolut uses your local contacts list.

This is what the FAQs say:

I need to edit my personal details
If you have not verified your account yet, you can edit your personal details in the Profile section of the app.

Once your identity has been verified, you will be able to edit your home address, email address, and phone number. However, you will not be able to edit your name or any other personal details. Please contact the support team should you wish to change any of this information.

I would recommend to talk with support about this. If its just to avoid locked accounts or something else unfortunate.

Sounds dangerous, if the same number is indeed allocated to two accounts. The phone number is the account identifier. Honestly, I am still puzzled how one was able to set up two different accounts with the same number.

I wouldn’t be too adventurous here. I wouldn’t want to trigger Revolut’s security protocols …

IHMO transferring money from one Revolut account to the other doesn’t need 6-digit pass an it can be made even on some emulator with Revolut installed on it.
So that’s why I don’t think so there can be any problem…
From the other hand- it looks like some emergency, so IMHO @Carlos20042016 has no choice…
But of course- I can be wrong…

Thanks to all.
It is not illogical to have more than one user to same number. If I logout, I probably will be able to ask for another un-verified account. More over, there can be more that one user in one modern android device.
Certainly my wife cannot load money to her account (I send the transfer but now working, probably the Chinese Great Firewall). So, she has a card with no money.

I tried to send money to my number, and I got the “you cannot transfer money to yourself”

I tried to contact support and received the message… we are very busy, support will come back in … bets for when?

12 hours!

I will ask her to edit number, seems a legit option that she can do. I am sure she will receive an SMS with a code.

On the other hand, she is already with zero bucks!

Thanks all

Well, be carefull. Verifying an account is mandatory. Transfers out most likely block the account due to security reasons if you don’t verify an account. And the terms and conditions only allow one account per person. Like I said, the phone number is the account identifier. When logging in, the app only asks for the phone number and a passcode! How is it possible to have two different account like this? Certain things need a 2FA code sent as text message to a number. Once an account is verified, the number can’t be changed manually. Another indication that there is a one account per number rule: if someone registers for the USA waiting list with a number, the same number can’t be used to open an account with an EEA address. Support has to manually delete the number from the waiting list.

I would highly recommend to sort this out before using the account. Honestly, to me it sounds like you’re running into trouble if you don’t.

I have a theory. You actually haven’t set up a second account. You just installed your account on a second phone?

(Making a transfer to another Revolut account can’t be blocked by a Chinese firewall. The money isn’t directly sent to a phone in China but to a server somewhere in U.K. or wherever Revolut operates. So you would be able to transfer money wherever your wife is, even if she’s not able to see an updated balance on her phone due to connection issues.)

I would recommend to contact Revolut on Twitter, this might speed things up,

I don’t think you could do that. As soon as you put in your number, all you could do is log in again.

definately insightful an a good tip

Thank for all the insights.
Situation becomes complex.
I found out that my wife had in her app logged into my revolut account.
Now, how the h*ll did she manage to order a physical revotut?
Perhaps she registered with a number, asked for her card, then logged out, and logged in with my number?

Whatever the situation, she logged out of my account in her phone.
Now we have a “funny” situation. She has no idea how to access to her account using the app
a) she tried with the two numbers of her SIMs eurpoean and chinese but seems that either numbers were not the used or she does not remember the pin…
b) one cannot ask for help using the app because you need to have the app running to get into help this needs login…

I opened another help thread for this other question…

Thanks all,

Problem solved.
I logged out, then, could not login. But somewhere I found a help button.
Got support talking to me with less than 1 minute delay!
Following a protocol I was able to asign phone number and receive the needed confirmation code off band SMS (that was either not working)

Probably, my wife used my phone number to install the app; I believe you han cave the app in two devides… why not?
Then, probably she signed in another mobile another number to revolut and ordered her card. For that she must have used a different number, in the mobile that broke…

So, she had a card. But the app open to my account…
Now all is fixed. logged out of my account and logged in hers…

Very happy,