Two card issuers, any differences?


Hi all, in new terms I found information about two card issuers (Paysafe and Wirecard - point 2.2) What are differences between those two cards to average user?


This has no effect on the functionality of the cards our users receive.


@larysa.stachowicz - That is not actually true. There is a BIG difference, at least in Spain.

As some of you may know, usually when you pay in Spain you are asked if you want to pay in GBP or in EUR, and the ATM or the dataphone apply their exchange rate if you (or the merchant) chooses GBP. Then you get charged again for the conversion in Revolut back to EUR.

Well, a couple of weeks ago a colleague got a brand new Revolut (issues by wirecard), and she told me they NEVER ask her to choose GBP. For me that was a BIG deal breaker for using Revolut in physical shops, so I decided to order a second revolut card. This one came issued by wirecard instead of the old paysafe one.

I tried to make some transactions and get 20 EUR from the ATM and I never got the question to pay in GBP, which is a VERY NICE improvement.

I think Revolut should send one of these new beauties for free to people complaining about double conversion in transactions. They work like a charm!!!

If the new premium cards work the same way I will probably upgrade to premium. Could you confirm this, please?


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The new Premium cards are issued by Wirecard.


In EUR zone rather. :grin:
For me it’s choice: PLN instead of GBF or PLN instead of EUR.


DCC has always been relatively uncompetitive in terms of offering conversion rates (on the part of the merchant.). The FX spread a revenue stream in addition to selling their goods/services.


I just got a premium card and it’s issued by paysafe :frowning: (5391 23*)


Yeah all of my mastercards were sent to me in 2018 and they all are issued by Paysafe