Two Bank Accounts Top up

I have 2 bank accounts, one in the UK and another in Spain. Would I be able to top up a Resolute Card from both accounts?

Sure. Check FAQs for further informations about topping up via bank transfer.

Yes, sure you can. However, if you’re planning to top up your account with bank cards, make sure the billing addresses of your cards match with your profile address.

It might not work then as my Spanish account is tied to an apartment address in the Spain whereas my UK account is tied to an address in the UK.

As long as you can make a regular SEPA EUR transfer, you can top up your Revolut card from any EUR account in your name without any problems. Just like making any other transfer. Just don’t forget to put in the reference code.

Thanks to everyone for the helpful advice.

Hi Andreas,
How can I add another bank account number in Revolut app, which I would like to top up my Revolut account with GBP directly from?

There are two ways: tap top up, then change currency to GBP, then select via bank transfer. Or go via more, profile, account details.

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@Frank Thanks Frank, there is a one more obstacle. I don’t have any card attached to this account in my bank with currency GBP. Is there any other way to assign the top up GBP account? Or there is only the SWIFT alternative?

You can use a regular UK domestic bank transfer via sort code / account no. Use the details shown under “local”.

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Yes. I found it there: Local current account in PLN, but I don’t own the UK domestic account at any bank in UK. There is still an issue to avoid SWIFT fee.

Well, if it is going to be an international transfer, fees from other banks involved for this are hard to avoid, unfortunately.