two accounts

is it possible to have under the same Name two seperated Card which have to be top up individually?

thanks for the answers

what you think @discobot

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it is not allowed to have more than one account belonging to the same person. See the following post where @anon33247966 clarifies this:

Why would you need two accounts?

One reason one may want 2 accounts is because they want to be able to receive money on 2 different phones or 2 different emails but it can be solved by having the ability to attach secondary emails and phone numbers like PayPal does. Another reason is budgeting and saving. This can be fixed by having saving wallets in the app like some e-banking products do. Third reason is security: require additional authentication before spending from saving wallets.

i’d love to top up induvilly because id lve to use one card for my and the other one for the traveling stuff we so as family! so for my bookkeeping i’d be nice to have two accounts and top them up induvilly! i already have two cards! but they go to the same account! and of course i can’t open up a Account with the Name Family!
so i probably need to limit one card to a ammount of money if there is no way to have two accounts!

thanks for the answers guys! if someone finds a soloution let me know

Be blessed

I did not realize i had 2 accounts,i dont understand how to close 1 out