Two Accounts, One Telephone


Is it possible to maintain two accounts (eg a business account and an ordinary personal account) using just one telephone / device?


Hi @Tarqwin

Yes, sure, you can use one phone number for both personal and business accounts. However, if you would like to have more than one business account, you will need a separate phone number and email address for each new account.


Cannot sign-up using same phone number as personal account

Hi Oleksii, many thanks for this. Can you explain how the two accounts are separated? Does it require separate apps or are both the accounts contained within the same app? How are they managed together?



Sure, @Tarqwin

For now, you can only access the business account by visiting the website :desktop_computer:
Our team is working on the creation of the dedicated business app, however, there is no timeframe for it. Personal accounts are accessible only through the app :iphone:



Hi Oleskii, Many thanks.