Two accounts euro/pounds one card


So, I’m on Revolut as I’m constantly traveling between Portugal and UK, but my main and only accounts are on UK.
So I opened my account in pounds and asked for my card, but then I also accidentally opened an euro account, so I have two active accounts.
Once explained that my question is, wich account is attached to the card?
All I want to do is put some pounds on it and exchange to euros so I can use it at Portugal.


Hi. You can:

  • top up with GBP and use the card in both countries, transactions value will be exchanged to your GBP dynamically
  • top up with GBP and exchange in the app for EUR, when you will buy something in the UK you will be charged from GBP wallet if you will have some cash there and when you will pay in EUR from EUR account


Hey @Anitaa1702 :slight_smile:

Also check this FAQ:


Hi, I have the same problem. Did you solve? Thank you


Hey @Giovannacariga :slight_smile:

Which problem are you facing?
The main answer is, the card is linked to both balances and dynamically selects the best one to use :wink:

Again, consider reading this FAQ:


Hi @Juliopp, the problem isn’t the balance but that I have two accounts, one European and one British with one card only.
When I’ll pay something with contactless or when I’ll transfer some money with Revolut app, will I be able to choose one or other account?
Thanks a lot


Hey @Giovannacariga :slight_smile:

You have two individual “bank accounts” + many pooled “bank accounts”. However, all of that money is kept on a single :r: account which can hold multiple currencies at the same time. The card, therefore, does not choose from different accounts, but from different balances of the same (and only) account (your :r: account) :smiley:

This all happens automatically, like magic :star2:

How to know what balance will be used? Well, for the third time, read this FAQ:

The card will use the local currency, and if it’s not available it will try to auto-convert from other currencies’ balance at the best exchange rate possible.