Turn off transaction notification emails

I may be being stupid, but how do I turn off transaction notification emails?

Every time a bank transfer happens, I get one email saying it’s been submitted, then a second saying it’s been executed. Then I also get the app notifications.

That’s a lot of notifications!

I can’t see any way to switch off the emails…

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Prevents me from using the Revolut app for more than spending also

Well, you can easily set up an email filter on the server to stop them getting to your phone, but it just seems crazy there’s no simple way to turn them off altogether.

Actually going to do that, it’s not a bad idea at all.

There should be choice (simple toggle in the app) to switch e-mail notifications off.


I’ve played around with this a bit.

The problem is that you can’t/shouldn’t filter by sender address, because it’s the same address Revolut uses for security messages, like new device activated etc. Bad decision by Revolut, IMO.

So you have to filter by subject.

Filtering subjects that contain “submitted” or “executed” is working so far for me. Two emails for each scheduled transaction was getting really annoying!

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