Turkey: Revolut Visa not always accepted

Hi there,
During my travel in Turkey my visa revolut card is accepted in some restaurants accepting Visa and in others not. I have no clue why some visa acceptance points pay terminals DO accept the card and others not. Even in a lof of supermarkets the card is accepted however in some restaurants that accept all kinds of card payments not… What could be the point?

In any case, it undermines the trustworthiness of the card , knowing that you always need a second method of payment (i.e. card linked to your old skool bank account) that never gives any problem (maestro card of Dutch traditional bank).
Any clue what may be the cause of this?

Regards, CeeDee

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You can either check your Revolut app, if Revolut did decline the transaction then you’ll see a declined transaction and a reason in your app - if you don’t see the transaction, you’ll have to ask the merchant about the reason.

Some merchants don’t acceppt prepaid cards because they don’t have online terminals for example.

Always carry a backup (another card, cash) is a good idea in any case, regardless of which card you prefer to use. Card payments can fail for many reasons.

Could it be that it is a missing 3D secure thingy? @anon33247966

Thanks for your input Slz!

3DS only affects online payments, not in store card present POS transactions.

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Good to know. ;o)

As I do work in a store I know that a merchant has to tell the POS terminal service what cards will be allowed to be used. As usually the POS terminal supports only a few from the very beginning – dunno why maybe default setup. We had a few cases where some cards from different countries where not accepted and we had to ask the service provider to enable them for us. I can’t tell more tho as that’s all what I know by now.

Hey CeeDee,

Paying with foreign card in Turkey could be tricky sometimes, it’s really weird that there are a lot of tourists but some merchants accept only domestic issued cards.

Usually their cash registers and POS terminals are in the same device, which could be the reason for problem causes. Surprisingly use of MagStripe is still pretty common and this kind of transactions with Revolut are being declined, so make sure to always use Chip + PIN. Lastly, contactless transactions with foreign cards are disabled by some merchants as well!

I hope that this tips will make your experience more seamless next time! :r:


s’il vous plaît je compte voyagé en Turquie et je voulais savoir si ont peut retirer de l’argent au distributeur ?
Je compte changer des devise turque dans l’application et je veux être sûre de pouvoir
les retirer sur place.