Turbo Transfer


How can use Turbo Transfer? I have a regular account at the moment to try before eventually sign for Business account - thank you


I’m curious about this, too. Turbo Transfers are a prominent feature in the personal Premium package, but don’t appear to be mentioned in the business FAQ.

Instead, it just says:

Transfers will usually take between 2-4 working days to reach the beneficiary’s bank account.

Could a member of the team please elaborate?


No answer to this after nearly 3 weeks. Would appreciate one please, team!


Hi there @itsmelee and @VinceRob13

This feature is not offered for Revolut Business. For now, transfers are being processed from 2 to 4 days.



Any ETA for its release?


This feature is not on the roadmap of Revolut Business currently.


Whilst I really appreciate the official word from Revolut, I feel we would all benefit more from having a central roadmap where we can see what’s coming down the pipe, and an expected timeframe.

Even if that timeframe winds up changing, it’d keep existing users like myself very keen and feeling supported, and it would probably entice a good bunch of future users who can see for themselves that the innovations Revolut is releasing, will positively solve many of the issues associated with traditional banking.

I’ve posted this idea already (and I’m not the first), so forgive the redundancy - but I feel it’d have a much bigger impact that simply stating whether something is or isn’t currently being considered.


Sure, @itsmelee
I would love to see Turbo transfers :rocket: implemented for Revolut Business one day. And I can totally agree with you about the visible roadmap. I fully understand how important it is for some of our users. Our team appreciates all the interest and the feedback. It is crucial for Revolut :raised_hands:t2: