Turbo Payment to Uphold not arrived

I paid £5.00 yesterday 11/01.18 to send a payment of several thousand £’ss to Uphold exchange and it stated in your message that the payment was expected today which is why I paid the extra amount,

The payment hasn’t arrivedand it is now 23:15 on Frday evening and I see no benefit in paying extra for a turbo payment that doesn’t arrive the next day.

I would expect this £5 to be refunded to my account as the normal transfer gave a date of Monday 15th which is when the transfer will now probably arrive in my Uphold account

Hey @billstokoe :slight_smile:

Did you get in touch with the in-app support team regarding this matter? You can do so by clicking the More tab, Support and then typing live agent :slight_smile:

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thanks Juliopp - I am speaking to them right now - thank you

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