Turbo Payment not arrived


I paid £5.00 yesterday 11/01.18 to send a payment of several thousand £’ss to Uphold exchange and it stated in your message that the payment was expected today which is why I paid the extra amount,

The payment hasn’t arrivedand it is now 23:15 on Frday evening and I see no benefit in paying extra for a turbo payment that doesn’t arrive the next day.

I would expect this £5 to be refunded to my account as the normal transfer gave a date of Monday 15th which is when the transfer will now probably arrive in my Uphold account


I have always received turbo transfers the executed day, except when it is a bank that likes to hold on the money for another day or is slow. which seems to be t his case, if it shows as being executed by revolut it has been definitely been processed and sent to the other side and revolut is at no fault here.


Hi Windozer

I spoke to customer support and explained the issue and they immediately refunded my £5.
They are hoping it will arrive on Monday.
Shame as some of the crypto I wanted to buy has increased significantly yesterday and I would have increased my cash by approx 35%.