Turbo Bank transfer issue

Hi I’ve been doing two bank transfers last week, I paid a turbo transfer so the money could arrive within 24hours.
First I recharged my Revolut card from my credit card, twice, same amount, than I exchanged the money to the currency I needed (euros to danish krone) and thant I made the ban transfer + 45dkk each for the turbo.
Today my personal bank account doesn’t record any transfer towards my revolut card + the person on the other side didn’t receive the money.
I would like to know the reasons of this delay, if it will go through, when my personal bank account will register the transaction and how I can be refunded for the turbo service that actually wasn’t ensured.
Could someone help me on this matter? it s quite a high amount I do not want to loose money and this transaction is very important. Thank you

I think that is something only your bank can tell you. How is it usually for regular card payments? How fast do they appear there?

Thank you Frank, it is hard to tell actually but you re right, this specific topic is probably related to my bank agreement on the credit card. Hopefully all the rest is going to be answered. I also paid a turbo service in order to make it fast and there s a strange silence around it .