Trying to set up a Revolut card in Australia


Hey guys, surely I can help you. Could you please drop me a DM?



I have had the same trouble with the users mentioned above. I have just switched over to a new Australian number and can’t access my Revolut account. Is it possible to switch the acocunt to my Australian number?



Hi there! Do you have an account?



Yes I have account set up under my Irish phone number and joined the community last week to try and access my account on my Australian phone number. Is it possible to do this?




I’m havinf a similar problem but I can’t send a DM.


Sure. I have activated DMs for you guys so you can contact me directly :slight_smile: I’m sure I can help.


Hey Andreas I’m relatively new to Revolut and will be moving to Australia in a couple of weeks for about two years. I will be getting an Australian number over there so will it be a problem to access my account through that number?


Hey Andreas,

I have the problem signing up for a UK account in Oz as well.
I used my AU phone number - the UK account mobile has been suspended. I signed up for the account and it gave me the Australian one - basically I am on hold - forever.

How can I kick off a UK based account?
I am about to return via Europe and wanted a revolt account for my trip back.



@andreask I am in same boat as everyone above, and can’t work out how to send you a DM. Can you message me and I will reply?